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our solution to ‘edge effect’

Edge Effects – Addressing challenges in cell-based assays

Microplates are essential tools for biologists, whether they are performing biochemical or cell-based assays. These assays share the common issue of “edge effect”, which is caused primarily by the fluctuation of environmental conditions.


All chemical, biological, and physiological and physical processes are influenced by environmental conditions such as temperature, pH, and chemical composition.


The edge effect is a discrepancy between the inner and outer wells, where each well has its own unique environment. Edge effects are seen in high density formats as well volumes decrease and density increases.


Vale’s solution is the BioClime™ + 96 Gel Microplate, an environmental gel buffering technology incorporated into the microplate.


This patented technology protects the microplate environment from fluctuations in temperature, atmospheric gasses, and moisture loss by evaporation.


Each plate consists of an environmental gel buffering technology and outer well receptacles of specific dimensions relating to position on plate, even cooling and re-heating profiles.

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