Happy Cell® ASM

Catalogue number: VHCXX

Happy Cell® ASM is ideally suited to 3D Cell Culture.  It is cost effective, scalable, rapidly deployable and easy to use. It features a modified natural polymer suspensions system that can be inactivated allowing for easy imaging or recovery of cellular material.


Choose from the following media bases:

Custom media formulations available on request.


Available in:

2.5mL (as part of a trial or starter kit), 25 mL, 125 mL, 250 mL

Inactivation Solution

Catalogue number: VHCIS

The accompanying inactivation solution facilitates sedimentation and recovery of 3D structures.


The active enzyme disrupts the Happy Cell polymer without compromising cellular integrity of function.

BioClime+™96 – High Performance Microplates

(Catalogue number: VBC+96TC)

Our Microplates are equipped with a patented buffering system that greatly reduces environmental “edge effects” resulting in greater experimental consistency across the entire plate.


Thermal retention and reduced evaporation facilitate a more consistent data yield when compared to standard tissue culture microplates.


Our low attachment surfaces lend themselves to spheroid formation when used in conjunction with Happy Cell® ASM.


We supply this technology in two formats:

  • Vale BioClime+96 High Perfomance Microplate  (Catalogue number: VBC+96TC)
  • Vale High Performance Nanoslide   (Catalogue number: VHPNS)

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