About us

Who We Are

We provide unique and innovative technologies for use in medical and drug discovery research.


Our products and tools are designed to improve the reproducibility and relevance of invitro cell and tissue based experimental models.


Developed to improve research outcomes by:

  • Increasing experimental reproducibility
  • Improving biological relevance
  • Significantly reducing costs
  • Being simple and easy to use


Our technologies:

  • Are designed to work seamlessly with automated systems
  • Do not require expensive capital outlay
  • Are compatible with all conventional laboratory equipment


Research applications include:

  • Oncology & Chronic Disease Models
  • Stem Cell Culture
  • Primary Cell Culture and Expansion
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Biosensors
  • Microscopy and High Content Imaging


Our mission is to provide high quality, robust, and innovative research tools to sustain the current and future needs of the scientific community.

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