Vale Australia

Vale Australia

Located in the Translational Research Institute (TRI) on the Princess Alexandra Hospital campus, Vale Life Sciences is the laboratory for the range of Vale technologies, products and tools, including Happy Cell ASM.


Our activity is focused on cell-based  technologies.


We provide new research tools to improve reproducibility and biological relevance while significantly reducing the cost of in vitro and cell-based research.


Our technologies are widely used in academia and industry worldwide.

Key Office Holders

Dr Anthony Davies, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr Davies’ scientific research has focused on the development of advanced in vitro cell-based models and the rapidly growing field of high content screening and analysis.


He has overseen and led the establishment of Research Centres in Europe and Australia where his work was centred on understanding human disease.


In 2005 he set up the Irish National Centre for High Content Screening and Analysis (INCHSA), based in the Department of Clinical Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, one of the first purpose built academic screening centres of its kind in Europe.


More recently he set up Translational Cell imaging Queensland (TCIQ) in collaboration with GE Healthcare. This centre is in the Translational Research Institute, on the Princess Alexandra Hospital campus in Brisbane, Australia.


Anthony has developed and commercialised a number of new technologies, most notably Happy Cell ASM, a liquid 3D cellular scaffold specifically designed for use in automated drug discovery.

Meredith Clarke, COO

Meredith has extensive experience in business managment and marketing with a career spanning more than 30 years.  She holds a MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management, graduate qualifications in marketing from Monash University and BA(Hons).


She has held senior management and business roles with major Australian companies and organisations in the manufacturing, telecommunications, property and legal industries, including Pacifica, Telstra and Corrs Chambers Westgarth.  Meredith has been involved in the analysis and development of new businesses and has had full P & L responsibility for business units.  Her exerience gives her a unique understanding of the challenges faced by business.

Ms Sarah-Louise Ryan, Laboratory Manager

Sarah-Louise holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Genetics (University College Cork, Ireland) and an MA in Medical Ethics and Law (Kings College, London).  Her work focuses on the use of in vitro 3D cellular models as a means to identify mechanisms of chemo-resistance in non-small cell lung cancer (NCSLC).


Sarah-Louise was the Laboratory Manager for a biotechnology start-up based at the Irish National Centre for High Content Screening and Analysis, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Her work was focused on the utilisation of 3D cell culture for cancer therapy and high content screening. She has had a number of articles published in scientific journals.


As well as a stong understanding of the requirements of medical research Sarah-Louise is experienced in both manufacture of Happy Cell ASM and application development. As a result she has played an important role in helping the establishment of Vale Australia.

Ms Veah Tapat, Administrative & Engagement Officer

Veah has an academic background in Anthropology. She is specifically interested in Medical Anthropology and examining the complex relationship between conceptions of health and treatment of illnesses from a biomedical and complimentary/alternative medical perspective.


Veah is highly experienced in providing administrative support to university research groups, faculty-run consultancies and national research bodies. She possesses an in-depth understanding of the Australian research industry and national research infrastructure.


Her expertise includes digital marketing and client engagement and she plays a key role in providing support to the company.

Dr Leonore de Boer, Product Development and Technical Support Specialist

A life scientist with a PhD in Biotechnology from University of New South Wales, Leornore has a broad background in research and research support. As Manager of the Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Core Facility at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), she gained valuable experience in technical support and problem solving as well as in the purchase, installation, and running of high-end scientific instruments.


Previously she worked on the production of bio-pharmaceuticals for Acute Biotech in Sydney, Australia.

Leonore also worked as a cancer researcher at the Diamantina Institute at The University of Queensland.

Leonore is a skilled problem identifier and solution provider. With her background and experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the life science industry and understands researchers and their needs.

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