BioClime™+ 96 Gel Microplate

BioClime™+ 96 Gel Microplates

Catalogue number: VHP96_A_XX

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Equipped with our patented buffering system which greatly reduces environmental “edge effects” resulting in greater consistency across the entire plate.

Thermal retention and reduced evaporation facilitate a more consistent data yield when compared to standard tissue culture microplates.


Our low attachment surfaces lend themselves to spheroid formation when used in conjunction with Happy Cell® ASM.



  • Reduced edge-effect giving at least a 40% increase in the useable area
  • Significant improvement in quality across cell-based assays
  • Better data quality
  • More uniform results with fewer repeats
  • Shorter development time
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Spheroid formation when used in conjunction with Happy Cell® ASM


Developed in collaboration with academic and pharmaceutical research institutions they have been trialled and approved by major research organisations.


Available in:

  • Packs of 10

Larger quantities available on request.

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