Vale Nanoslide

Vale Nanoslide


Catalogue number: VHPNS

Developed to have the same functionality as a standard microtiter plate.

Allows for ultra miniaturisation of assays.


Key features:


  • open architecture of the plate design  –  allows for free diffusion of respiratory gases and the rapid, convenient dispensing of cells and experimental analytes
  • on-board hydrogel based environmental buffering system – designed to reduce harmful environmental fluctuations
  •  protects cells by resisting rapid thermal fluctuations and eliminating evaporation of media
  • allows miniaturization of cell-based assays down to nano-liter volumes


Advantages of miniturisation:


  • Reduced reagent and consumables cost
  • Higher throughput
  • Reduced storage and research space
  • Improved mixing of reagents
  • Maximized use of valuable cells, i.e primary cells


The environmental buffering properties of Vale HPMicroplates allow miniaturization of cell-based assays down to nano-liter volumes.


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