Vale High Performance 96 Microplate

Vale High Performance 96-Well Microplate

Catalogue number: VHP96_XX

Engineered to help eliminate edge-effect.  The Vale High Performance 96 is a simple, effective 96 well microplate that saves time, money and improves the reproducibility of your experiments.


When filled with water, the plate prevents evaporation even in the most extreme conditions saving media and providing high consistency across wells.

Easy to fill.  It only needs to be filled once to achieve results.


The unique anti-spill design means that it can be used easily – no fear of liquid spilling from the inter-well reservoirs.


Saves time and money – the reduced well diameter offers optimal surface area / volume ratio (working volume of 20 – 150 UL) resulting in reduced reagent volumes and the cell numbers needed for experiments.



  • Unparalleled protection against evaporation
  • Unique anti-spill format
  • Convenient solution to the problem of “edge-effect” related to evaporation
  • Simple to use – just add water


Available in:

  • Packs of 10
  • Larger quantities available on request.
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